Megan and Clayton are the most laid back bride and groom of the century. We had changed dates, timelines, and the wildest weather and it all formed into the perfect day. Megan and Clayton eloped at a families ranch in Hollister, Ca. Side note: I have always wanted to go to this ranch – its right at the base of the three sisters peaks and its just beautiful.

This was probably the coldest day Hollister has had in years, I swear it was on the verge of snowing. It had been sleeting all day and was just bitter cold. Did Megan and Clayton complain?!? Uh no, they took it like champs. We used an old Pendleton Blanket I had in my car for Megan to wrap up in and carried on. The ceremony was literally perfect – they made their way down the isle then realized we never exchanged rings, everyone was laughing so so hard.  Thats the best part about elopements, anything goes. 

If you are thinking about eloping, message me. I love them so much and can give you a 10 point list why eloping is theeee best.