So back when I was younger with way less bills, I would always reward myself with a new pair of boots. It could be any occasion –  got a job, quit a job, a rainy day, getting in a fender bender… literally any occasion. I would scour eBay for hours and hours to find the ones I wanted; either used or brand new. I. did. not. care. Old Gringos were my weakness but Liberty Black and Corral weren’t far behind. I would take my giant laptop into the teachers lounge every day at lunch when I worked at the high school. While teachers were solving the worlds problems, I was silently cussing some other girl, who had the audacity to bid against me. HOW DARE SHE. 

Anyway, I ended up getting older, having more boots than I could wear in a week, and a car payment that took up my fun money. All the sad, depressing adult bs that everyone knows about. I even sold a few pairs of boots, thank you Bleacher Babes page on facebook lol. While I still buy the occasional og bootie, my need for boots has really mellowed out. Probably because I work from home and literally never dress cute anymore. 

When I found my wedding dress I knew I needed to find the perfect boot. Being a mostly ranch wedding photographer I see a lotttttt of boots. While I love them all, I wanted something different that I hadn’t seen before, and also ones that I could wear over and over. Then I found them. My holy grail. The Old Gringo Valentine Dion. I shopped high and low for them on posh mark and eBay. Then one day the wedding gods looked down and smiled at me – I found them brand new on eBay. SOLD. 

Today a lot of us are stuck at home due to the covid 19. And I thought what the hell, I’ve been wanting to make this boot blog for a while now, maybe some bride out there will find it useful and see the boots of her dreams. So I present to you…. My favorite wedding boot picks….

Lets start the post off with some color! The photos are linked, just click on the photo and it will take you to the sellers page. I found a majority of these at